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Discover what BREEAM certification offers in these upcoming classes and training for assessors, consultants, building owners, and managers of large facilities.

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BREEAM provides building owners, facility managers and building occupants a consistent and credible means of determining the impact and performance of their buildings, as well as areas for improvement. BREEAM USA is:

  • Tailored to the US climate but is comparable in an international context
  • Independently administered by licensed assessors
  • Applicable to all non-domestic building types allowing comparability and common procedures across properties
  • Available for buildings of all ages and types, not just those considered “green”
  • Assessment is easily accessed and updated through an online management process
  • Applied to the physical building and its services, building management and operational practices
  • A holistic approach to sustainability evaluation, reviewing a wide range of environmental categories collectively
  • Focused on year over year improvements
  • Flexible and adaptive to individual requirements, providing a score and rating without every question needing an answer

Meet Our Trainers

Years of experience with BREEAM and deep subject expertise on existing buildings mean our trainers will ensure you come away with everything you need to become a skilled BREEAM USA assessor

Breana Wheeler
Breana Wheeler
In addition to her role as a BREEAM USA trainer, Breana is a member of IEMA, a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and a LEED Green Associate. Her expertise includes environmental risk identification and management, carbon footprinting, sustainable travel and the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems to the ISO 14001 standard.
Barry Giles
Barry Giles
Barry first saw the potential for the BREEAM standards to apply to the US market after becoming a BREEAM International and BREEAM In-Use Assessor in 2009. Since then, he has taken the lead in developing the partnership between BuildingWise and BRE Group to create the BREEAM USA standard specifically for the unique conditions in the United States and continues to advocate for the application of benchmarks to all existing buildings.
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson
Tom has been working with BREEAM since 2011. He started by writing and delivering training courses, and has personally trained thousands of BREEAM assessors from Brussels to Beijing. Since 2014, Tom has been managing the BREEAM International New Construction scheme, increasing uptake around the world, and delivering the 2016 version of BREEAM.

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