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2004, 2017

Why Choose BREEAM?

By Barry Giles Up until the last few years, there have been few options for Class B and C buildings [...]

1504, 2017

BREEAM – Why choose BREEAM?

BREEAM - Why choose BREEAM? In March of this year, BREEAM USA certified its first asset, The Oaks Mall in Thousand [...]

104, 2017

How BREEAM Produces Comprehensive Benchmarking in Record Time

By Barry Giles Benchmarking existing buildings can be complex, especially in today’s marketplace with more and more options becoming available. [...]

2103, 2017

The Sustainable Value of BREEAM

By Barry Giles When BREEAM was first created in 1990 it was developed as a way to build sustainable new [...]