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1106, 2018

Why Achieving BREEAM Certification is a Worthy Goal

By Barry Giles Update June 18, 2018 The BREEAM standard for green building certification is still relatively new to America [...]

406, 2018

The Sustainable Value of BREEAM

By Barry Giles Updated June 4, 2018 When BREEAM was first created in 1990 it was developed as a way [...]

1305, 2018

The Science Behind BREEAM

By Barry Giles Updated May 13, 2018 Though BREEAM may be new to you, it [...]

501, 2018

Press Release: BREEAM USA Hires Distinguished Sustainability Trailblazer

Derek Young brings over 20 years as a passionate professional to help optimize the performance of over 5.6 million existing [...]