BRE America and the Center for Active Design (CfAD) are collaborating to enhance buildings to promote occupant well-being and support healthier communities. The two organizations announced their collaboration in November, 2017 with the aim to make it more efficient for clients and project teams to pursue both of their respective standards: BREEAM USA In-Use and Fitwel.

Given that people in the developed world, on average, spend over 90% of their lives in and around buildings, both CfAD and BRE recognize the value and complementary nature of measuring and recognizing how building design and operations influence health and well-being in the context of a holistic assessment of environmental, health and well-being impacts within the built-environment.

The purpose for this PDF is to provides assistance for those wishing to obtain both a certified BREEAM USA In-Use rating and a Fitwel rating. It provides guidance on the areas where assessment under one method can result in efficiencies in assessment under the other. It outlines how certified BREEAM USA In-Use credits may be used to demonstrate compliance
with Fitwel and identifies areas where design teams can demonstrate compliance using the same evidence for both programs.

BRE America and Center for Active Design will work together to update this document as and when BREEAM USA In-Use and Fitwel standards are significantly updated.

Click Here to Download the PDF Briefing Paper