BREEAM USA Core Values

BREEAM USA is a strategic framework for sustainability assessment of the built environment. Our core values consist of a set of strategic principles and requirements which define an integrated approach to the management, evaluation and certification of assets that reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts across the full lifecycle of the built environment.

Using BREEAM provides a balanced approach minimizing impacts on the global and local environment, and maximizing the following:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Health, wellbeing, comfort, safety and security of users and others
  • Social and cultural value
  • Opportunities for effective and efficient use of facilities
  • Direct and indirect economic benefits


  • Based on robust, peer reviewed science
  • A holistic and balanced consideration of benefits and burdens to stakeholders
  • Independently assessed
  • Fully and openly documented in terms of its scientific basis, inclusivity, technical requirements and operational principles
  • Built on established regulatory and management practices and protocols to maximize relevance and acceptability