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Welcome to BREEAM USA In-Use, the assessment and certification program designed to benchmark and optimize the performance of existing commercial buildings and assets for economic, social, and environmental benefit.

This standard covers the major environmental issues that affect buildings throughout their operational life and captures data across nine key sustainability categories. Performance can be measured for a whole building or just part of the asset, such as a single tenant space.

BREEAM In-Use is open to all existing commercial buildings, any size, any age and any performance level. Because there are no prerequisites, you can simply register with BREEAM USA and utilize the BREEAM Online Tool to complete a BREEAM In-Use self-assessment for your building. Once that is completed, you’ll understand how your building is performing right away and be able to identify areas for improvement by reviewing the unverified score.

A BREEAM In-Use assessment takes you on a step-by-step journey to achieve higher performing operations. As each of the nine categories is scored separately, you can determine your building’s specific needs and where best to focus your efforts for improvements. Each question identifies the next level of performance so you can see the incremental steps needed to improve building performance and earn a higher score.

BREEAM In-Use is all about outcomes. It’s a framework based on scientific research for understanding how your building is performing today and how to improve building performance and reduce environmental impacts moving forward. The assessment tool allows you to make decisions on next steps based on your budget by providing robust and accessible data for benchmarking and continual improvement.

BREEAM USA In-Use Asset Registration

To begin your asset registration:

  • Create an account with BREEAM In-Use
  • Purchase one or more Performance Measurements to complete registration
  • Register the Asset

Once your account is created, accessing the Performance Measurement will be quick and easy through the same portal.

BREEAM USA Certified Asset

Performance Measurements

For the $1,000 fee per asset you get:

  • Unlimited access to all 3 parts of the Performance Measurement for a full year (or until asset is certified)
  • Entry to an international sustainability benchmarking standard
  • Dynamic scoring – see how improvements change your rating!
  • Information to help you reduce operational costs and increase efficiency