Once the BREEAM In-Use assessment is complete, owners and property managers can choose to certify the results by verifying the assessment score. Certification can only be completed by a licensed BREEAM USA Assessor and is valid for one year. There is an option to renew annually, provided there are no significant changes to the building that would impact the score.

Full recertification is required every 3 years, or yearly if there are significant changes to the building. Recertification requires an on-site visit from a licensed BREEAM USA Assessor.

Third-party, on-site certification distinguishes BREEAM from other sustainability programs and gives your stakeholders confidence about their building’s performance. BREEAM certification is an independent confirmation from a competent third party that your building meets, and continues to meet, BREEAM In-Use standards. The BREEAM Assessors work is quality assured by BREEAM USA, giving building owners and managers confidence in the certification results. BREEAM USA is aligned with the BREEAM In-Use International Standard to enable clients to accurately compare their assets assessed using BREEAM USA In-Use with those in other countries using the BREEAM In-Use International scheme.

BREEAM Performance rating and stars

The certification performance level and BREEAM rating is determined by the overall score achieved.  The overall score is calculated from the total number of credits gained in each category which is then weighted based on the relative environmental impact of the category.

The BREEAM ratings are Acceptable, Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding. This is reflected in a series of one to six stars on the BREEAM Certificate.