You know existing buildings. You may have worked as a consultant for high performance buildings on improving operations and maintenance – but you’ve been frustrated as some of your clients can’t truly benefit from a sustainability certification program because the asset is too small or doesn’t meet certain prerequisites. The beauty of the BREEAM In-Use program is that it’s applicable to all commercial buildings of any age and not just those built “green.”

What does an Assessor do?

The BREEAM In-Use program uses an online assessment tool that can be completed by building owners and managers to self-assess their buildings. These self-assessments must be verified by licensed BREEAM USA Assessors before certification can be awarded. The BREEAM USA Assessor verifies the answers provided in the self-assessment are accurate and reviews evidence to support the answers. The Assessor conducts site visits to verify the score is accurate and reflects the performance indicated in the assessment questionnaire.

In order to become a BREEAM USA licensed assessor, an individual must meet three key requirements:

The BREEAM In-Use training includes online foundation learning, a two-day workshop, and an examination before one can apply for a BREEAM USA license. For more information, see our FAQ page.

Impartiality within the assessment and certification process is paramount for ensuring the credibility of the outcome. Assessors must maintain impartiality. BREEAM USA Assessors cannot assess buildings owned by their company or organization, nor can they provide consultancy or advisory services, or be directly involved in achieving or implementing a solution on a project, for which they are an Assessor. Assessors must declare any potential conflict of interest prior to undertaking the assessment.

Companies that employ BREEAM USA Assessors must be licensed with BREEAM USA as an organization. This streamlines the renewal process for BREEAM USA Assessors and provides safeguards for liability against the company.

Now is a great opportunity to add to your suite of services by becoming a BREEAM USA Assessor. Sign up for an Assessor Training class with BREEAM USA and we’ll not only train you on the BREEAM In-Use methodology, but show you how easy it is to market BREEAM In-Use because there is less paperwork and less time involved for clients.

Benefits of Becoming a BREEAM USA Assessor

  • Contribute to a growing and forward-thinking sustainable future
  • Generate additional revenues by offering BREEAM In-Use assessments
  • Enter a new career by becoming a licensed Assessor to the international sustainability benchmarking standard
  • Help shape the future of the building and maintenance industry
  • Support the 5.6 million existing buildings not yet benchmarking sustainability

BREEAM USA Materials

BRE America Operational Guidelines BREEAM USA Fee Sheet BREEAM USA Technical Manual