BREEAM USA Introduces BREEAM In-Use for Existing Buildings

BREEAM USA In-Use is a benchmarking and certification method available to all existing commercial buildings, regardless of size, age or performance level. It’s easy to get started:

BREEAM In-Use is applicable to any existing commercial building.  The program is broken down into three parts:

Owners or property managers can choose to measure performance against one, two or all three Parts. Building benchmarking and/or certification do not require all three to be complete. Alternatively, a consultant can be hired to complete the Performance Measurement in the online assessment tool. There are questions in nine categories including Energy, Water, Transport, Management, Waste, Pollution, Health & Well-Being, Land Use & Ecology, and Materials to create an unverified score. The BREEAM In-Use assessment is automatically scored and the building is given an unverified rating based on the final score: Acceptable, Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

BREEAM In-Use allows owners and property managers to use the assessment tool to improve the performance of the buildings over time. They can also choose to certify the building by hiring a BREEAM USA Assessor to verify the information with an on-site visit. Certification provides market recognition that the building achieved the performance described and deserves the BREEAM rating. Yearly re-certification confirms on-going commitment to maintaining or improving performance.

How is building performance measured?

The BREEAM In-Use assessment operates entirely online with unverified scores produced instantaneously. The secure online system allows clients to describe the asset’s performance in nine categories including Energy, Water, Transport, Management, Waste, Pollution, Health & Well-Being, Land Use & Ecology and Materials. Users can complete the BREEAM In-Use performance measurement section by section with the ability to see the results immediately. The Performance Measurement is available for up to one year with asset registration to allow clients, owners, managers or teams to continually refine the answers or to improve the performance of the building and update the answers before certification. For more information on certification, click here.

What is an assessor?

BREEAM In-Use Assessors are trained by BREEAM USA and qualified to certify assets using the BREEAM In-Use standard. The training consists of an online course and a two-day workshop. After successfully completing the training and passing a final exam, assessors are eligible to become licensed to perform BREEAM In-Use certifications. All training is provided by BREEAM USA.

There are many benefits to becoming a BREEAM In-Use Assessor:

  • New revenue stream for business
  • Can gain clients as Assessor OR Consultant
  • Market leader as an early adopter
  • Additional client base from those who need assets assessed
  • Official recognition on the BREEAM USA website and GreenBookLive, the global database of BREEAM Assessors
  • Marketing support